Our best Sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Bring warm clothes and don't forget your sunglasses, destination Mont Blanc from the Megève altiport! 

Located at the bottom of the Mont d'Arbois valley, this French altiport offers the departure as close as possible to the roof of Europe. 

Considered difficult given its sloping track and its environment which will not give you any gifts, some preparation will be necessary to land safely and for this, nothing like consulting the VAC Map provided. 

Whether leaving from the Aérocime hangar or on the outskirts of Mont Blanc Helicopter, enjoy extraordinary experiences in a magical setting alone or with friends!          

Sloped runway 100% compliant with the vac map

Renowned for its air shows, Tarkio Airport is located in central Missouri, between Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines.

Missouri is a not very mountainous state, offering magnificent views, especially in aerobatics.

This aerodrome is also the base of the Flying Bell circus, which operates to preserve the memory of the planes of the Second World War through acrobatic air shows.

And here is our first Freeware!

This is a fictional nautical base.

Prepare your swimsuit and go to fly to this beautiful destination in Micronesia.

You will be able to take off from the water or the grass runway but be careful: the landing on the slopped runway will not be easy at all.

No go around possible so be sure to control your speed and good luck! :)

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